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Yellowtail Kingfish
Seriola lalandei dorsalis  -  S. lalandei auerovittata - S. lalandei lalandei
California Yellowtail                                            Asian Yellowtail                                       Southern Yellowtail
Other common names: Kingy, Cape Yellowtail

Maximum weight: 70kg (150lbs)

Current I.G.F.A all time record:

California Yellowtail
35.97kg (79lb 4oz)
Baja, Mexico
2 July, 1991
Asian Yellowtail
21.40kg (47lb 2oz)
Tokyo, Japan
4 July, 1998
Southern Yellowtail
52kg (114lb 10oz)
Tauranga, New Zealand
5 February, 1984

Identifying features:

Expected temperature range: 64° F to 75° F (17° C to 24° C)

Migration and breeding:   COMING SOON!!!

Typical location: Inshore species that is rarely found in waters

Fighting characteristics: A tough, strong and sometimes dirty fighter. Many experienced anglers consider this the toughest fish in the sea. Although this could be debated in the highest court in the land for years, there is no doubt that pound for pound it IS one of the meanest fish you could hook.


Distribution map and anatomy graphic coming soon!!!
Fishing Methods

Trolling Lures:

Trolling Live Bait:

Trolling Dead Bait:

Other Methods:

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