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I have been using the Kona Killa range of lures for the past few years. The quality of finish and balance out of the water is impressive. Put them in the deep blue then their true potential is realized.
The lure action is quite unique, having one of the most natural swimming motions I have ever seen.
With several tournament records and club trophies under the belt, this range of lures has to be one of the best in the country.

Grahame A. Williams
Game Fishing Association of Australia

Hollowpoint Lures are world class, Australian made product. They are original, innovative, always of the highest quality and most importantly, they work!

Ian "Barra" Miller
The Australian Rod Builder

From Bermagui to Cairns and just about every game fishing port in between, Hollowpoint Lures have been gaining a reputation for producing quality Billfish action. With beautifully cast heads and no-nonsense shirts, Hollowpoints are designed to keep on trucking, no matter what the sea conditions.

Glenn Booth
Modern Fishing Magazine

Australian-made lures can now proudly hold their own with the very finest products from anywhere else in the world. Typical of this high standard is the exceptional range of bluewater trolling patterns on offer from Hollowpoint Lures in Port Macquarie, NSW. If you haven't pulled a spread of Hollowpoints yet it's high time you did!

Steve Starling
Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures



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