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The BTS team is working hard to complete these profiles. We hope you find them interesting and informative. As more information becomes available  we will update each profile accordingly.

Broadbill Swordfish - Xiphias gladius

Black Marlin - Makaira indica

Atlantic Blue Marlin - Makaira nigricans

Indo-Pacific Blue Marlin - Makaira mazara

Striped Marlin - Tetrapturus audax

White Marlin - Tetrapturus albidus

Atlantic Sailfish - Istiophorus albicans

Indo-Pacific Sailfish - Istiophorus platypterus

Shortbill Spearfish - Tetrapturus angustirotris

Longbill Spearfish - Tetrapturus pfleugeri

Mediterranean Spearfish - Tetrapturus belone

 Distribution Maps and Anatomy Diagrams coming soon!!!

The information provided in these profiles has been gathered from many credible sources and is factual. Maximum weight of each species is open to debate of course. 
If you wish to comment on any part of the information contained here please email BTS. 
Special thanks goes to the I.G.F.A.


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