Dingo Series

Four sizes – Five head designs

Since the first 8″ Little Dingo hit the water in April 2004 the Dingo range have rewritten the record books, Heaviest Gamefish in Australian Waters 5 times, Heaviest Gamefish on any line class up to 60kg in NSW Waters 6 times, Heaviest Gamefish on 37kg in NSW Waters 6 times and Heaviest Gamefish on 24kg in NSW Waters 4 times, along with World, Australian and State records. Three of the five heaviest marlin ever weighed off Sydney including the heaviest 361.1kg were caught on 10″ Dingos. They’ve also won Heaviest Marlin in NSW Tournaments more than twenty times and Heaviest Tuna more than twenty times! The Little Dingo holds both current 167.5kg All Tackle and 37kg IGFA World Records and the GFAA Australian Records for Southern Bluefin Tuna and along with the Micro Dingo has amassed a swag of other World, Aussie and State SBT records. Meanwhile the XL Dingo have established a reputation as one of the best short corner lures in the world with some real monsters climbing on and being lost…. and some nice ones, 800 and 900 pounders being released off Kona and Madeira.

These lures are custom made for BTS and include an insert made from only first-class shell.

All Rippers are perfectly keel weighted and come with attached Crimp Lock.

Works well in any position but start with the short corner or short rigger.

Available in 5 head colours and 4 sizes all with superior shell used on the inserts.
Use the cart below to select a lure head design and then your choice of skirts.
You can see the full range of Yo-Zuri skirts here.
BTS also offers a rigging service for your lures. Details on BTS Battle Rigs can be found here.

JB LURES DINGO SERIES Little Dingo Dingo Big Dingo XL Dingo
TOTAL LENGTH 200mm – 8″ 260mm – 10″ 320mm – 12.50″ 380mm – 15″
VISIBLE HEAD LENGTH 42mm – 1.65″ 50mm – 2.0″ 60mm – 2.38″ 75mm – 3.0″
YO-ZURI SKIRT 7 ¾” 9 ½” 12 ½” 14”
WEIGHT 75g – 2.65oz 115g – 4oz 220g – 7.75oz 340g – 12oz
BTS BATTLE RIG 8/0 10/0 11/0 12/0


Please note: While JB Lures and BTS make every effort to ensure product consistency, as this is a handmade product with natural materials there may be some slight variations from the images shown.