Frantic Trolling Lures

Frantic Lures are proudly Australian made and manufactured with only the best products sourced from around the world to create some of the finest lures the fishing world has seen.

Proven on Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna and Bluefin Tuna.

The Frantic Series also includes the amazing teaser appropriately called The Beast!

All lures are keel weighted including the bullets to ensure they run perfect and true.

All Frantic Lures are expertly skirted by BTS with the dynamic TIAMAT skirts or the world-famous Yo-Zuri skirts.

All lures feature anti chafe tubing to protect your leader and crimp lock devices so you may fix the position of your rig to the desired angle.


Frantic Lures - Bloodlust Series - Skirted - Collection

Bloodlust Series

2 Sizes in 3 Head Designs and 72 Skirt Colour Schemes.
Frantic Lures - Chaos Series - Collection

Chaos Series

3 Sizes in 5 Head Designs
Frantic Lures - Havoc Series - Skirted - All Sizes

Havoc Series

2 Sizes in 6 Head Designs
Frantic Lures - Insane Series - Skirted - Sizes

Insane Series

2 Sizes in 4 Head Designs and 72 Skirt Colour Schemes

Lethal Bullet Series

2 Sizes in 3 Colour Schemes

The Beast Series

The ultimate surface teaser? We believe so.

BTS has 1000's of premium trolling lures in stock.