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Battle Rigs

Constructing your own rigs can be a time-consuming process and disheartening without the correct tools. BTS will ease your frustration as we offer rigs for the lures you purchase through the BTS website.

We tailor your BTS Battle Rig to the lure you have purchased.

We customise all BTS Battle Rigs to the lure you have purchased to ensure the lures’ maximum potential is reached. We rig your lure for free and all you do is pay for the components used in the construction of the rig.

The rigging options will be displayed during the purchasing process. 

If you wish your purchased lure to be rigged by our professional crew just select LURE RIGGING during the purchase process section in the shopping cart.

The leader incorporated in your rig is premium Japanese fluorocarbon.
You can select from:

  • 3 meter (10′) Japanese Fluorocarbon Leader
  • 4 meter (13′) Japanese Fluorocarbon Leader – most popular
  • 5 meter (16′) Japanese Fluorocarbon Leader
  • 6 meter (20′) Japanese Fluorocarbon Leader

The leader lengths are designed to suit your particular style of fishing and there is no price difference for leader length. So, if you use wind-on leaders or prefer more traditional lengths, we have those options for you. The most appropriate hook size will be selected for the lure you have purchased.

For the safety of the fish, crew and yourself, we only offer single hooks in our rigging architecture. Single hooks provide a solid hook-up and much safer when releasing fish. The use of two hook rigs only increases the chance of injuries to the fish and the greater potential for harm the angler releasing the fish. If you’ve ever tried to release an active 600lbs+ Blue Marlin at the side of the boat with a swinging top 12/0 and the lower 12/0 buried awkwardly you know exactly what we mean. 

You can fish with confidence knowing your lure is rigged as well as possible be when you choose a BTS Battle Rig.

If you require advice or have any questions regarding our free professional rigging service or BTS Battle Rigs please email us. 

BTS Battle Rigs - Game Fishing Tackle - Single Hook Rigs
Big Game Fishing Hook Rigs - Professionally Designed & Constructed


Summary of BTS Battle Rigs

  • Tournament grade Japanese Ball Bearing Swivels.
  • Velcro leader wraps.
  • Single premium Japanese stainless steel hook.
  • Superior Japanese Fluorocarbon leader in your preferred length.
  • Japanese made marine grade stainless 7×7 wire.
  • Heavy duty adhesive shrink wrap to ensure rig sturdiness.
  • Marine grade crimps professionally bench swaged.
  • Marine grade stainless D shackle for quick exchange when appropriate.
BTS Battle Rig - Big Game Tackle - Lure Trolling Rig


The BTS Battle Rigs shown on this page are an example of rigging design used on any of the trolling lures we offer.
Some variations can occur due the choice of lure manufacturer and lure size as not all lures perform to their optimum level when rigged with a standard generic rig.

You can fish with confidence knowing your lure is rigged as well as it can possible be when you chose a BTS Battle Rig.



BTS Battle Rigs - Game Fishing Tackle - Single Hook Rigs

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