Yo-Zuri skirts have a long history in the world of game fishing. Yo-Zuri set the standard with their luminescent eyed skirts nearly 50 years ago and they are still being sort out by veteran anglers due to the quality and productiveness.

BTS offers anglers worldwide a huge range of dynamic colours in 4 sizes, including the much requested 14” length.

Luminescent eyes on Yo-Zuri skirts have been catching fish for over 4 decades and are favoured by many accomplished and professional crews. Many world-record captures have been on trolling lures skirted with Yo-Zuri skirts with luminescent eyes.

Some colours are not available in all sizes. We have listed the amount of colour designs available in the various sizes immediately below.

7 3/4″ Skirts – 37 different colour designs offered
9 3/4″ Skirts – 53 different colour designs offered
12 1/2″ Skirts – 46 different colours designs offered
14″ Skirts – 49 different colour designs offered

Please see the table below showing the various colours and their matching sizes. If you have any questions please email BTS for professional advise and assistance.

We also offer commercial prices for legitimate lure makers. Please contact us for terms and conditions.

Take a closer look at the Yo-Zuri Skirt Colours, click here.

Bluefish – A widely popular colour scheme. You can of course alter the inner skirt to suit your needs. Very successful also with a yellow or gold design as an inner skirt choice.

Baitfish – A classic colour scheme of skirt design that’s popular worldwide due to its consistent ability to catch fish. Essential it may be defined as.

Skipjack – another classic colour scheme that is world renowned. Variations include a gold or pink inner skirt.

Evil – a world renowned classic colour scheme. A great variation is any gold, pink or orange inner skirt matched with any blue/silver outer.

Bermi – Our favourite colour schemes. This has a long history of producing fish. It provides a solid profile with a big shadow in the trolling pattern even in the wash as sunlight can’t penetrate through the skirt. Don’t be put off by the use of white in the Yo-Zuri skirt range as it is not transparent and produces a heavy shadow.

Ranga – Originally designed by a friend of BTS who’s of Scottish heritage and who’s highly successful at catching any and all gamefish. And yes…he too is a Ranga. He insists his lures should look like him.

Mahi – A great addition to any trolling pattern. Vibrate and really comes to life in the water due to Yo-Zuri’s superb use of fleck and the final coating on the skirt.

Pinky – A great addition to any trolling lure pattern. This offers a variation to the standard blues and silver. Variations are recommended and mandatory for many successful angling crews worldwide.


When you purchase over $100AUD you will receive a free Little Tacker worker $13.95. The Little Tacker will be added automatically to your order on checkout after you select your preferred head colour.

The Little Tacker is a concave pusher with a soft head and has a impressive trolling action…and it’s free with ever order over $100AUD.

A great choice if you are specifically targeting school Mahi Mahi. The Little Tacker has also been the downfall of much larger species such as big Yellowfin Tuna, Southern Bluefin Tuna and even Striped Marlin.

BTS Battle Rigs

We customise all rigs to the lure you have purchased to ensure the lures maximum potential to catch fish for you. 

Rigging can be selected during the purchase process.

We incorporate a marine grade stainless shackle if appropriate wherever possible so hooks can be changed conveniently.

  • Tournament grade Japanese Ball Bearing Swivels
  • Single premium Japanese stainless steel hook.
  • Superior Japanese Fluorocarbon leader.
  • Japanese marine grade stainless 7×7 wire.
  • Heavy duty adhesive shrink wrap to ensure rig sturdiness.
  • Marine grade crimps professionally bench swaged.