JB Lures

Once a secret weapon to the astute angler, the reputation of JB Lures is now worldwide. And with good reason. These lures have been winning tournaments for anglers since the 1990’s.

Each lure is individually weighted, poured, lathe spun, balanced, polished and finished by hand. 

BTS only sells the custom version of the JB Lures. That is, only the premium shell is used. The utmost craftmanship is clearly evident in every lure made.

All shapes are original designs by JB Lures.

BTS offers the largest collection of JB Lures you will find anywhere in the world.
All JB Lures are expertly skirted by BTS with the dynamic TIAMAT skirts or the world-famous Yo-Zuri skirts.
We also offer a rigging service should you require your lures rigged.


Looking for something unique or rare?
Checkout the BTS range of JB Lures Collectors & Limited Edition lures.

JB Lures - Sally Series - Collection

Sally Series

Three sizes - Five head designs - 72 Skirt  Colour...
JB Lures - Ripper Series - Skirted - Collection

Ripper Series

Four sizes – Six head designs - 72 Skirt Colours
JB Lures - Pluto Series - Light Tackle Marlin Lures

Pluto Series

Three head designs - 72 Colour Schemes
JB Lures - Dingo Series

Dingo Series

Four sizes – Five head designs
JB Lures - Hawaiian Style Marlin and Tuna Lures

Chopper Series

Two sizes - Nine head designs - 72 Colour Schemes
JB Lures - Chook Series - Best Marlin Lures at discounted prices

Chook Series

Three sizes - Six head designs
Hawaiian Super Plunger - The Best Lures for Marlin and Tuna

Plunger Series

Two sizes – Eight head designs

Please note: While JB Lures and BTS make every effort to ensure product consistency, as this is a handmade product with natural materials there may be some slight variations from the images shown.

BTS stocks a huge range of skirted trolling lures.