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Ultimate Fly Leader

Simply the worlds very best fly leader!
Built from IGFA Alloy and advanced co-polymers.

Features :     5" (125mm) self closing loop  then to a
                    12" (300mm) double twist cushion  then to a
                    100 machine turned bimini twist  then to
                     less than 16" but greater than 15" I.G.F.A. class Alloy  then to a
                    50 machine turn bimini twist connected to 26" tough low visibility nylon
                    shock tippet.  This 26" tippet allows for easy tying or crimping.

 The 50 machine turned bimini twist is covered by a plastic sleeve to protect the knot in the 6kg, 8kg and 10kg class and all leaders are inspected before packaging.
Overall length of the Ultimate Fly Leader is 5' (1.5m) and can be connected directly to the fly line (for deep water fishing) or to a butt leader.
The graphics cannot accurately show just how well made these leaders are, but as an example in the 1996 Broome Sailfish Tournament held on the North West Coast of Australia, four sailfish were taken on the one leader! These fly leaders are the best to be found - anywhere in the world!!!

The following lists the I.G.F.A. tippet class and available pre-connected shock tippet.  


I.G.F.A. Class
Shock Tippet

Ultimate Fly Leader
Qty: BTS Price: $9.95 US
IGFA Rated:

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